R Snippet parsing error when running on knime server

I am using R scripting nodes in the workflow , it is working fine when executing it locally but throws an error when executing it on server.

Hi @ruks

we use eval() (eval function - RDocumentation) to execute the R code snippet. Hence, the error only indicates that something is wrong, which is hard to debug from afar. Maybe you are e.g. accessing local files that are not present on the server (or stored in a different location)? Maybe you are using a library that isn’t installed on the Server?

You could ask your KNIME administrator to share the Executor logs with us (via support@knime.com (please also include a reference to this thread)), so that we can look into more detail.
Alternatively, you could maybe share the R code with us? Someone might be able to figure out what’s going wrong from there.

Kind regards