R Snippet, passing a flow variable to node variable's output port

I am struggling on how to pass a a R variable available in the KNIME Snippet’s Wokspace, into the Flow Variable List’s node space. Aiming to integrate a R created variable to the KNIME workflow.

As you see in the picture I’ve unsuccessfully tested with:
knime.flow.out[["DummyOut"]] <- DummyOut
It doesn’t return an error but doesn’t work either.

Could you help me with this syntax?

Thanks in advance.

@gonhaddock you might want to take a look at this sample workflow


Thanks @mlauber71
Everything is in your workflow.

Just for the records, I came out with 2 options:

  1. Declare variable within the command line:
knime.flow.out <- list(DummyOut = "text-out")
  1. Send to ‘knime.flow.list’ a previously declared variable:
RDummyOut <- "text-out"
knime.flow.out <- list(DummyOut = RDummyOut)


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