R snippet RGG object


I am currently working on an R snippet (node from Community Nodes/R scripting/Utils) in which I intend to use <vector> and <slider> RGG objects. I define them as:

<vector var="factor2" label="factor2" size="1" vector-type="numeric" span="full"/>;

<slider var="factor1" label="factor2" min="0" max="5"  default-value="4" paint-labels="true" paint-ticks="true" paint-value="true" span="full"/>;

When I set a value to these objects and execute a node, I obtain correct results. However, when I hit Configure again, they return to the default values. On the other hand, my last object - a dropdown menu (<combobox>) holds the last configuration of the node.

Moreover, I would like to create a slider for sequence from 0 to 1 with step 0.02. I tried to add major-tick-spacing="0.02" attribute, but the slider was not created.

Thank you for your help.