R Snippets / Rserve version warnings


Dear Knime community,

can you tell me, since when R scripting nodes are relying on package Rserve? Has something changed in the shorterm or haven’t I just been aware R snippets were allwas using Rserve?

Moreover, I am experiencing warnings stating that all Rserve versions below or equal to 1.8.6 aren’t optimal (in other words buggy) for deploying R Snippet Nodes. That happened to me with several KNIME versions (3.5x and 3.6.1) Unfortunately there is no newer version of Rserve than 1.8-5, unless I missed on something here.

I’d be happy, if somebody could elaborate briefly on this topic or share potential fixes.

Thanks in advance,datastic

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There is a Version 1.8.6 and it is recommended to use it. But you would have to install it like this:


Unfortunately, R is throwing errors, when trying to build Rserve from source. I probably don’t have all the prerequisites for the compilation.

Is there another way to get a compiled version of Rserve 1.8.6?


You may also install an earlier R version instead, e.g. 3.4.3, if you don’t depend on changes in the R 3.5 versions.

Is there another way to get a compiled version of Rserve 1.8.6?

You could try omitting the type="source" parameter, it may work. If it fails, it will fall back to asking you whether you want to be building from source instead, though.

Problem with R Snippet

If you run MacOS you might have to install additional software in order to compile packages