R View fails with sys.load.image -> load

Dear KNIMErs,

it appears I urgently need help. :-(

As of today, my (previously functional) R View nodes fail with the follwing message:

ERROR	 R View (Local)	 Execute failed
ERROR	 R View (Local)	 Execution of R script failed: Calls: sys.load.image -> load

The R error console shows the following:

Fehler in load(name, envir = .GlobalEnv) : 
  ReadItem: unbekannter Typ 0, evtl. von einer späteren Version von R geschrieben
Calls: sys.load.image -> load
Ausführung angehalten

This happened from one day to the other - any idea about what could have caused it?

Note: Our IT support *may* have installed something in the meantime, I recall to have re-booted. Directly within R, my code works.

Thanks for any hint whatsoever,


"von einer späteren Version von R geschrieben"
[has been written by a newer R version]

It looks like if you R version changed in the meantime. Can you please check with you IT department, if they upgrade R... But I can't really explain why this should fail. The local R should be independent from the installed R version. Please let me know from which and to which version you have upgraded. Can you please also send me the stack trace you get when you change to DEBUG logging in KNIME's preference page.


Hi Thomas,

thanks for the quick reply. IT support certainly didn't update R, since I manage that installation with their silent agreement. ;-) And I didn't touch it, aside from trying to reinstall it to fix the issue - to no avail, by the way.

I'll get the stack trace asap, latest tomorrow you'll have a PM, maybe earlier if I can make it.

Thanks again,


the R local View node has two views, the first one is the regular view and the second one is the R error out view. Is there any error message printed in the error out view ? If so could you please send us this message. This could help to find out more about what's happening there.


Hi Kilian,

In my original posting, I quoted the "R error console", which should have been the "R error out view" - all relevant info showing here (so, excluding normal R output) is in there, I have nothing else.


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