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I’m not able to use the 'R View (workspace) node under knime 4.1.0. I’m getting the following error message ‘ERROR R View (Workspace) 2:153:0:536 Execute failed: R evaluation failed.: “knime.tmp.ret<-NULL;printError<-function(e) message(paste(‘Error:’,conditionMessage(e)));for(exp in tryCatch(parse(text=knime.tmp.script),error=printError)){tryCatch(knime.tmp.ret<-withVisible(eval(exp)),error=printError)
if(!is.null(knime.tmp.ret)) {if(knime.tmp.ret$visible) tryCatch(print(knime.tmp.ret$value),error=printError)}};rm(knime.tmp.script,exp,printError);knime.tmp.ret$value”’ as soon as I want to execute it.
Here the script contains only the plot(iris) instruction.
Is there something not configured properly in my environement?

Hi @Claire,

much to my regret I’m not able to reproduce your problem by using R Source (Worskapce) node and connecting it to R View (Workspace) node. Does this setup work for you?

Would you mind providing me with the following information.

  1. What OS are you running? If you’re on Mac do you have Cairo installed?
  2. Other R nodes, i.e., R Scripting work fine (just to double-check)
  3. What’s the output when your run R from your command line and type
    > library(“Rserve”)
    > sessionInfo()
  4. Did the R View work for you before?


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Hi Mark,

Find below answers to your questions:
1/ I’m running Knime on linux (centos).
2/ Other R nodes are working fine (checked with other workflows).
3/ hum… I’m getting an error for the library(“Rserve”) => syntax error near unexpected token ‘“Rserve”’
4/ Yes, the workflow under 3.7.1 works fine, no issue with this node.


Hi Mark,
See attached what I get after I load the R module.



You might have to upgrade Rserv to version 1.8.6 and also R to the latest version. I am not 100% sure the problems with older versions would also affect Linux versions but it might be possible.

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