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I have list of accounts that range from 60 to 81210000. I am managing to filter the accounts using multiple filters which I think is a little bit inefficient. I would like trying an alternative way.

A couple of things to include is that out of that range is that I have to exclude the range 699 to 81209999 and also bring an account that is alphanumeric (GH31010) which I’m uncapable to do with the flow below.

Also, I am mapping the accounts according to their financial position (Gross Cost, Charging and Headcount as included in the workflow. I was thinking that maybe having an column expression segregating the charging accounts and classifying the rest as Gross Cost will be a good solution but I also have to consider the one that is alphanumeric (GH31010) classified as “Headcount”

F KN EX.knwf (779.2 KB)

Mapping File:

MApping KN.xlsx (14.3 KB)

Hi @lazaronewhall17,
You could either use the Rule-based Row Filter or the Row Filter (Labs) to specify multiple filter conditions in a single node. Personally, I would go with the Rule-based Row Filter.
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Table Indexer with index query could also be used. In general using 2 row filter nodes does not seem inefficient to me.
If you have one “outlier” you could also do a row splitter upfront and treat the outlier in a seperate flow and finaly concatenate them back together for the final result.

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