Range Slider and Network viewer


I am trying to use range slider and network viewer to create an interactive network.
When I am using the first output of the network analyzer (node statistics) as the input for the network viewer (javascript), going of course through range slider, everything works fine.
However, when I am using the second output of the network analyzer (edge statistics) as an input the network is messed up. Nothing is updated on the interactive view while I move the slider and no edges are present in the network. Do you know what might be the issue? And in general how can I filter on edges level and not on node level.

Thank you

to make my question clearer you can check the screenshot below.
I want on the interactive view to filter on edges and not on nodes using the range slider. This does not seem to work.

Thank you very much for pointing out that issue. The Network Viewer (JavaScript) has indeed problems filtering for edges. I forwarded that to our developers.



Any update on that matter?
Filtering on edges is still not possible in Knime 4.0

Hi there @nicks,

no updates for now.


I have this problem as well. If this issue is not resolved yet, is there may be a workaround apart from writing my own java script viewer? :wink:

Also, it would be nice, if this would work with the quickform value filter as well, filtering edges with different properties.

still no solution… I also need to use it in a component

HI folks -

While there is a ticket for this (internal: AP-11676) I don’t have any updates on this for you. I will add a +1 to the ticket based on recent responses to this thread.


Here’s another user who keeps on bumping into this same issue every now and then! Interactive filtering by edges would seem like an important functionality.

Hello @pzkor,

added +1 to above mentioned ticket. Someone will update topic once there is news about it.