Ranking duplicate values

Hi All, 

Due to the data structure I have, I get many duplicate rows in my dataset after joining numerous tables. In Spotfire, it could be perfectly solved  with the following expression: Rank(RowId(),"asc",[Column1]).  As a result i had a rank column with the values like 1, 2,3...1,2..1,2,3,4,5 depending on the number of duplicate rows for each unique value from Column1. Thus, i could further filter my data by limiting it to [Rank] =1 and get rid of the duplciates. 

Could you pelase provide me with the hints how I could  apply the same logic in KNIME? 

Best regards,


Hi Olga,

if you are only interesed in the deduplication you can use the group by on all columns to remove the duplicates

Best, Iris