Rapid Miner


It looks like I will have some spare time soon, and there is a chance that I will work on a basic integration of Rapid Miner (the open source version). The plan is to be able to add a node to KNIME to execute a workflow in Rapid Miner and forward the results to the outport (if there is/are special nodes present in that workflow). It would be really nice if the data view were also available, but I do not plan to integrate the workflow editor of Rapid Miner.

Some questions:

  • Does anyone working on this? Has anyone ever tried to do this kind of thing?
  • Would anyone else find this useful?
  • Are there any licence conflicts (GPL - AGPL)? (I think no. I would not like to buy commercial licences (yet).)
  • Do you have a better idea what should I code? :)

Thanks, gabor

Hi gabor,

We are always open for integrations and support those efforts by providing technical help and development inputs for our open-source community. If you need any help or want to discuss does things before you dive into the implementation, please let us know. We are happy to help in all KNIME related questions.

Best regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the support, I will wait for the final release of 2.3.0, and see how hard this task is.

Bests, gabor