RapidMiner 9.2 support

Hi RapidMiner (trunk version) extension users,

As you might know the current version is based on 9.1 (the stable is based on 5.3 without limitations), but the new version of RapidMiner 9.2 practically dumped the visualizations for an HTML-based version. It seems quite a large task to support that, so I would like to gather some feedback whether you prefer the 9.1 version’s visualization, 9.2’s visualization or you need both.
Please note that the result of the poll is not binding as I am the sole developer of this extension and have no income from this, I might decide to support either or none.

Some details what are available in different versions:

  • 5.3 has support for basic and advanced visualization as a view and basic as png output
  • 9.1 has similar support as 5.3
  • 9.2 has a new JavaScript-based version, which can only be supported by a KNIME view, adding support to save as PNG/SVG can be hard. No support for base and advanced view, nor easy png output of that.

(My current version of the 9.2 extension does not support the visualization, and is not committed to trunk yet as it would/should remove the current 9.1 visualization too.)

Below you can find the poll:

  • Remove visualization support from trunk version
  • 9.1 visualization
  • 9.2 visualization
  • Both 9.1 and 9.2 visualization

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Thanks for everyone who tried the newer integrations of RapidMiner. It seems there is not much interest in the newer versions, so I only keep supporting the older, stable 5.3.x version. Of course if I’ll need the new one I’ll share the new version too.