I'm new to Knime and cannot find the answer to my question, despite a site search. How do I download the Rapidminer node? When I go to the page https://tech.knime.org/community/rapidminer-integration and click on


I get the message You don't have permission to access /community-contributions/2.11/ on this server.



I am sorry for the incomplete installation instructions. I'll update soon. You should go to the Help | Install New Software... menu item and add the URL you found to the Work with: textfield. It will be able to find out the content of the update site (which contains RapidMiner extension in the "Other" category). After that, installation is mostly Next/Next/Finish (Though as it is not a trusted extension, it is not signed, so you have to accept that it is unsigned besides its license.)

If you are adventurous, you can try the nightly version (update site: http://update.knime.org/community-contributions/trunk), which has some (not so well tested) new features (like keeping the roles intact between RapidMiner nodes). Feedback is always welcome.

Thanks, gabor

PS.: As RapidMiner is no longer opensource, these nodes are based on its last opensource version, 5.3.15 with some modifications. I am sorry to not be able to provide the new features of RM 6.x, but at least this version is not limited technically.

PS2: The invalid access is to prevent users from manually downloading the extension by browsing (that is the main reason the URLs are not clickable on the RM integration page either). It would be possible, but tedious, error prone. The files behind the update site URL are visible and KNIME/eclipse knows where to search.

Many thanks, appreciated. Updated and sorted.

Hello Everyone,

is there any chance to save your current state of the rapidminer viewer node?
its kind of annoying to configure it every time from scratch..
saving the png to somewhere is nice, but it would be awesome if i just open it and it opens the state i left it.

Hi there are no plans to save the state of the view (as there can be multiple views open it could easily be confusing).