RDKIT Installation KNIME 4.2.3

Dear all,
I recently purchased a new PC, and upon installing KNIME latest version have an error with RDKIT

Could not load native RDKit library: C:\Program Files\KNIME\plugins\org.rdkit.knime.bin.win32.x86_64_4.0.1.v202002120849\os\win32\x86_64\GraphMolWrap.dll: Can’t find dependent libraries

I uninstalled KNIME, and tried again, but the same problem. Has RDKit been broken by this latest KNIME release? The forums report various similar problems in the past.

Hi Alastair,

This kind of error can be caused because the required runtime libraries from microsoft are not installed.
Please try installing those from here:
and restarting KNIME.

That might help.

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Thanks Greg, works perfectly now!

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