RDKit Node creation


I am starting my journey with KNIME node creation. I know how to create a normal node using Node Wizard (New -> KNIME ->Create New KNIME node-extension), but I am more interested in RDKit node. Unfortunately, I am a bit confused with RDKit node wizard. I have tried to find/figure out solution on my own but I am stuck. My recent attempt was to create a normal node then use RDKit wizard and select normal node a project. This created a new RDKit node, but when I press "Run", I can only see normal node in the new window.




Found solution:

Everything was working fine but node was created in different node repository folder then I have expected.

After changing it in Navigator -> plugin.xml -> Extensions -> category_path to "/" it is created in normal node normally is (screen attached).

Thanks for providing the solution for that.

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