RDKit Nodes 2.5.1 Released (RDKit Binaries Updated)

Dear RDKit Nodes Users,

additionally to the RDKit Nodes 3.0.0 release that is available for KNIME 3.1 users, we have backported the RDKit Binaries changes from RDKit Nodes 3.0.0 and made them available now also for KNIME 2.12 users. I just released a new official RDKit Nodes version 2.5.1 which will be available in KNIME 2.12. It contains the following changes:

  • Updated RDKit Binaries to version 2015_09_02:
    	<li>MQN12 Descriptor Calculation changed (bugfixes)</li>
    	<li>SDF to Molecule code bugfix lets sanitization fail now for some bad molecules&nbsp;</li>
    	<li>Other changes in binaries are documented at&nbsp;<a class="ext" href="http://www.rdkit.org/" style="background-color: transparent;" target="_blank" title="http://www.rdkit.org">http://www.rdkit.org</a></li>

Thanks for using RDKit in KNIME!

Kind regards,