Re-evalute the bounds of a KNIME table?

I’ve noticed that if I look at the “Spec” tab for a table after filtering part of it out, the “Lower Bound” and “Upper Bound” for numeric columns often don’t change to reflect this. For example if I have a table and I use Rule-Based Row Filter to remove all the rows where a specific column has a value of 0, I the resulting table still shows 0 as the Lower Bound for that column. Similarly if there is a column with Boolean values true and false and I remove all the rows where that value is false, the table spec still shows both values as the range.

Is there a way to have KNIME re-evaluate the bounds of a table?

thank you

Hi @lparsons42 -

Check out the Domain Calculator node.

@ScottF Thank you! I figured there was a tool for it but I didn’t know what it would be called. Is there a reason why it isn’t done automatically after an operation that changes the number of rows in a table?

That’s a good question! I don’t know, but I should probably find out. :slight_smile:

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