Re-open workflow at the last screen location

Hi all,

Does anybody know if there is an option somewhere to have KNIME save the screen focus / location when you save a workflow? Ideally I would like to be able to automatically re-open workflows at the place where I was when I closed it, instead of in a random place.


Hi @Martjin,

What do you mean as a random place? Usually, KNIME starts at the top left of the workflow screen, is that somehow different for you? I am guessing you have a big workflow – you can easily move your focus using the outline view in KNIME.

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Hi Ana,

KNIME appears to open every workflow in a different place, but that specific place does tend to be somewhat constant per workflow. Completely top left would be good as well, but even more ideal would be to start in the place where you saved it last time. Especially when creating a workflow. Thanks for the tip of the ouline view, I use that a lot as well.


Hi @Martijn

I see, could you let me know what KNIME version and OS are you using?

I am on:
KNIME 4.2.0
OS: Windows 8.1, v.6.3, x86_64 / win32
Java version: 1.8.0_252

Attached also a few screenshots showing the place where each respective workflow opened.

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