re-organise a one-to-many data structure

Hello KNIME World :slight_smile:

Have little experience with KNIME and would like advise on which node(s) to use to accomplish the following mini-task without resorting to using R, Python etc,.

I have a table that represents a one-to-many relation. Here’s a toy example,

c1       c2
1        A
2        B, C, D
3        E

Using KNIME, I would like to re-organise the data like this

c1    c2
1      A
2      B
2      C
2      D
3      E

Any pointers appreciated. I tried a number of nodes but so far did not find a solution.



Hi Sean!

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Try Cell Splitter node with Output As list and after that use Ungroup node. Should do the trick :wink:



Hi perhaps this can give you inspiration :KNIME_project5.knwf (20.1 KB)

This one works too : KNIME_project6.knwf (16.2 KB)

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Thanks for rapid response Ivan. That worked! :grinning:

Thanks for inspiration Fabien :smile: