RE: Removing Nodes from Nodes Respository

There are certain Nodes I do not use, for example, Mining, Chemsitry, Chemaxon/Infocom. How can I permanently remove these? Thanks.



Help -> About KNIME -> Installation Details -> Installed Software. Select on the items you don't need and then click on Uninstall. However, you cannot selectivly remove individual nodes or categories only extensions. You can remove e.g. "Chemistry" but not "Mining".

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Ok, thanks for that. I still have the Chemistry Node sitting in the Node Repository as there is no reference to it in the Knime Installation Details>Installed Software tab. Should it be there? Thanks.

I'm also facing exactly same issue. How to remove these "Chemistry" nodes which I do not need?

As Thorsten described, only extensions can be removed, not individual nodes. To see which extension you have to uninstall select a node in the repository and scroll down in the Node Description view. At the bottom you will find a line like "This node is contained in KNIME Base Chemistry Types & Nodes provided by KNIME GmbH, Konstanz, Germany.". The itallic part is the name of the extension.