Read a file and onetoMany

Hi! I’d like to know why can’t I read a file with FileReaderNode and after to use it in OneToMany Node, always I get : column: Col1 has no possible values.
What is “has no possibles values”; maybe are there some characteres that dont work? How many lines can I read with FileReaderNode?
Thanks in advance!!
Stephanya C

Hi @savacano28,
the reason why the One 2 Many Node is complaining is because the FileReaderNode does not necessarily provide domain information for the columns. This is a prerequisite the One 2 Many Node depends on. The solution to your problem is easy. Plug a “Domain calculator Node” in front of your One 2 Many Node and you are good to go. If the One 2 Many Node keeps complaining, open the configuration of the Domain calculator Node and unhook the option “Restrict number of possible values”.



Hi! thank you so much!!! I think it works!! :slight_smile:

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