Read a XMI file


I am new to knime ! I would like to know if there is any method to extract some information from a XMI file! XMI look like XML, but XMI is as an interchange format for UML models (please find attached an xmi file example).

I know a little bit how to work with xml files in knime, like xml reader, Xpath... and extract the information.  But, with xmi it's not the same !

For example, from the attached file, i want to put in a column all the xmi:type. Is ther any xmi reader ? or i should develop a new node using knime-eclipse SDK that takes as an input an xmi file, and gives as an output all the xmi:type presented in the file ?

Thanks !


Hi Mira,

we don't have dedicated XMI Parsers, so yes if you would need something like this writing your own node would be the only solution.


However, I solved your abovementioned problem by converting the XML to a JSON (XML to JSON node) and than using the follwoing JSON Path query $..['@xmi:type'] gave me all the attributes.

Hope this helps.

Best, Iris