Read an excel line and use it as input in DB SQL Executor

Good afternoon, I’m using an Excel Reader to read data from an excel file. I need to use those data as input parameters to a DB SQL Executor. How can I do that, since the output of the Excel Reader does not match the input of the DB SQL Executor?

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You can use


To pass parameters as variable.
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Hi, thanks for the response. I could read and use a line from a sheet with the variables, but one single line at a time.
In fact , I need to iterate through all the lines of the sheet. I see that there is a component “Table Row to Variable Loop Start” that has the variables “currentIteration” and “maxIterations” that are given to DB SQL Executor (see figure below), but I don’t know how to iterate with it.

Here is my flow example so far:



I would recommend you to look at

It may be more efficient than SQL Executor.

You will need some sort of Loop End variable here as well to be able to iterate. Perhaps the Variable Loop End node?

For an example of using flow variables within a loop, see this workflow on the Hub.

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Hi Scott, yes, that end node was the thing that was missing on my loop. By adding this, the iteration ran very fine and produced the expected results.

Thanks a lot!


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