Read and Write multiple excel sheets using Loop

I have three excel files in a folder, which needs to be loaded to my workflow and to write the result of each file to a separate excel file in another folder.

  • I have excel files to read in a folder.
  • One file to be picked and loaded to the workflow - get the result and wirte it to a new excel sheet in another folder.
  • Once the first file is processed, pick the second excel and load it to the workflow - get the result and write it as another excel in the folder and to continue till all files in the folder are picked and processed and wrote to the new sheets.

Can someone help me with this scenario?

I think this is what you are looking for?

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@gokulpnair you can take a look at this example

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It worked, thanks for the help.

Thanks for the workflow, it worked. Much appreciated your help.

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