Read column and enter info in second column.

I’m a new user of Knime and I’m working on it.
My problem relates to a column where some cells have some content and some cells have no content.
I now need a node that reads this column and in a second column enters an info whether there is a value in this line or not.

Look at the node.

and another one
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Thank you for the info.
The node Column Expressions is ok.
But I can not find a function that fills empty fields in a column with an expression. Something like an ifThen function.
If the cell is empty, then write in the cell “abcd”
I look forward to your answer.

for processing missing values there is Missing Value node. Also, it could be simple to use Rule Engine, say, MISSING $Col$ => “abcs”.

I tested the expression with the rule engine MISSING $Anrede$ => “Herr/Frau” and this error appears:

line 5, col 20: Expected a number, boolean, string, column, a table property or flow variable reference.”

You use incorrect quotes. Do not copy them from forum. Input them from keyboard.

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Many Thanks