read data from Microsoft dataverse/powerapps?

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we are using the Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365. I need to read data from our CRM to prepare an import into a new application.

I was wondering, if there already is a node/workflow available in the community to connect to the Microsoft Cloud and read the data? I did a quick search for “dataverse”, “powerapps” and “Microsoft CRM”, but there was nothing available.

If there is nothing available, I should be able to use a simple GET-Rest-Node…

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I did some deep reading and testing and figured out, how to authenticate via AzureAD.

I took this as a basis: Get Spotify Data Using OAuth2 Nodes – KNIME Community Hub

In the OAuth2 Authenticator (Client Credentials), you need to have the following:
Token endpoint URL:{{Azure Tenent ID}}/oauth2/v2.0/token
Client/App ID and secret (flow variable): compare Spotify-Workflow
Scope: {{Azure app registration id}}/.default

I am now struggling with the GET Request. How do I provide the token from the OAuth2 Authenticator to the GET Request?

If I run my GET Request, it results in 401.

Get request has authentication tab and request headers tab. I could imagine you need to put the token in the header e.g. as bearer
more details probably only somewhere in the ms documentation

Hi @Daniel_Weikert,

Thank you for your input. I have not been able to find the token. Should it be in some of the flow variables? Where should I look?

Thank you very much,

change of strategy:

I was able to get the data with this workflow example.

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