Read date like 1992


In Table I have some date in format like 18.maj.92 when I convert it by string to Date&time Node I get 2092-05-18 but it should be 1992-05-18.

But of course in datebase there are years 1950-2021 and they are in string in format dd.MMM.yy.

hi @89trunks ,
you can transform the date string using the Column Expressions node with the following expression

    (right(column("date_column"),2)<"22")*100 + 1900 + toInt(right(column("date_column"), 2))

then send the output to the String to Date&Time node and parse it as dd.MMM.yyyy


Hey, Thank for help this is it. I have one question why somehow some date after column expressions have addition “.0”

For example date 30.dec.69 sometimes is

Maybe sometimes the year is evaluated as a double.This expression should solve the problem

    toInt((right(column("date_column"),2)<"22")*100 + 1900) + toInt(right(column("date_column"), 2))

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