read file csv - select files in a folder (automatic)

Hi at all!!
I am continuing my activity in knime started by a few days and the results are very satisfactory !
fantastic software, congratulations !!

Now I’m stuck on one point and I can’t move forward.
I have to read a csv file and this is not a problem
Another software generates me, every morning, a csv file and places it in a folder.
The software generates me a file every morning changing the end characters of the name, is it possible with KNIME to open the most recent file present in the folder?

thank you

Hello @lriva ,
Please take a look to this workflow, it might give you some insights.

You may have to work with the ‘CSV Reader’ instead the ‘Excel Reader’ in the workflow; but all the other concepts are applicable to your case.



Hi yes can be done, e.g. with list Files and Folders and Sorter node. Looks like @gonhaddock was already so kind to help.


I used: List Files / Folders - Sorter - Top k Selector
now I did not understand how to open the file that I identified with Top k selector.
sorry if the question is simple but I’m at the beginning with Knime.
I can’t find the node to open the file, I tried with csv reader but I can’t find the command to open the file in Top k selector


Hi @lriva,
Ok. You need to filter out the row and send it to a variable 'Table Row to Variable ’ node.

Then connect the variable port to the CSV reader and feed the Path for the file selection, there are 2 ways.

Option 1 - The little icon next to Browse button

Option 2 - Flow Variables configuration tab, file_selection > path



Thank you !
I didn’t understand a thing.
Everything works !!!


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