Read from excel file and store in an Oracle DB using sequences

Hi, I’m using Knime 4.0.1 and I have some Excel files that I want to read and persist them in an Oracle database. In this case I have sequences already defined for each table, to create the primary keys.

The question is: which Knime objects should I use in Knime so I can have access to the sequences combined to the data I read from the Excel files? In a SQL statement I could use, for instance:
Insert into TEST_TABLE (PK_FIELD, FIELD1) values (SEQUENCE.NEXTVAL, ‘Test Value’);
Obs: the sequence SEQUENCE and TEST_TABLE have already been created and the values such as ‘Test Value’ come from the Excel.


This example shows how insert or merge data in DB. Replace SQLite for Oracle connector in your case. Table creator replace by Excel Reader.
Update-existing-values.knwf (22.6 KB)


Hi, I appreciate your example, but it´s still not clear for me how to use the reference to a SEQUENCE.NEXTVAL to populate a table.



Problem already solved. Thanks!

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