Read-In of multiple Files -> Error due to different Column Type Casting

Dear Community,

I have the following issue:
I am reading multiple Excel Files from one Folder. One column is present in every file, but not filled in every file. Therefore, during the read-in loops, different column types are being detected and the loop / read-in fails.

“Execute failed: Input table’s structure differs from reference (first iteration) table:…”

How is it possible to solve this issue?
Thanks for your support in advance

Hi there @DanielReich,

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Are you using loops or built-in option Excel Reader has to read multiple files? If first then in Loop End node check option to Allow changing table specifications.


Also there is option in Excel Reader to Skip empty columns. Uncheck that option and you should then have same structure for each file each time and above setting might not be necessary.


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Thanks Ivan, the “Allow chaning table specifications” solves my problem.


Hi @DanielReich,

glad it helped.


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