Read in SQL queries from a central repository

Hey all,


  • Read in SQL queries from a central GIT repository
  • SQLs do have bind variable
  • Those bind variables shall be replaced after/while reading in the files
  • The ‘modified’ SQLs shall be handed in into a DB query reader


Issue on the server:

Does anyone have another way? Is anyone having hints about the error?


FYI: @kevin_sturm

@enr0c the error from my point of view does say that the URL/URI does not contain any value the node can work with. Maybe you can check how the path is being submitted and check if that would make any sense.

Question is what path format the text based file reader would expect, especially when run from the ‘perspective’ of the server - you can try and run the workflow on the server as a new job and see what the path is then.

Thank you! I will give it a try.

Apart from debugging further that specific node: do you have another idea for reading in SQL files?

Hello @enr0c, did you try to set the row delimiter of the <file reader> to custom with “\” as the delimiter? It worked at least for a very simple multi-line SQL file in my example. As far as I remember, you also use multiple comments that might make this even more difficult!?

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Thank you :slight_smile:

It works with \ as column and row delimiter. However only as long as one does not use \ in the script itself :wink:

  1. Would be curious to know how the community reads in complex sqls
  2. Would appreciate any recommendation to make this node ‘Load text based files’ working on the server


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