Read list of xls file


I just try to read (*.xlsx) from a list of file the sheet "details" (in each file the same name)

List file -> Table row to variable loop start -> xls reader = doesent work........

List file -> Table row to variable loop start -> read xls sheet name = doesent work......

Any suggestion ?

;-) Mitch



Hi Mitch, 

I can give it a try if you upload a couple of dummy files. 




Great Aaron,

I'll send you 3 fles with ~25 lines....

Objectif is, at the end, to obtain 1 file with all data from sheet "details"


Hi Mitch, 

It sounds like you were on the right track, and your example works fine using th efirst approach that you describe for me.  I wonder if you are using an older version of KNIME or if something else is going on?  See attached.



Edit: Adding attachemnt. 


Hi Aaron,

I'm running 2.9.4 Version

....I don't see your attachment....


Sorry, file is attached. I believe the workflow will run with only minor complaints in KNIME 2.9.

Thank's Aaron,'s work

Cheers, Mitch