Read multiple Excel files in a loop


Does it work off of Columns are Rows because I was trying to adjust the rows of one column. It said the Column name of Row0 was not data if I remember correctly but due to time constraints I just made all the files the same. Will come back when I have more time as I am try to become proficient in Knime.

I have another issue I can not solve that is more pressing. I am trying to read multiple files with multiple tabs but it is not working correctly. It reads all the files but for the files with multiple tabs it only reads the first tab multiple times. The workflow is below.

Read Excel Sheet Names configure with one of the files in the folder and variable set to URL
Excel Reader configured with the same file and variable set at location
Loop End set to allow variable column types and allow changing table specifications

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hello @KevinD1,

moved your question to new topic as it is not related to old one. If it reads same sheet multiple times means you haven’t used flow variable holding sheet name created by second Table Row To variable Loop Start to control sheet name in Excel Reader. Check last Excel reader configuration in this example:


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Thank you very much for your help. I was able to figure this one out as I am still learning how to use the flow variables when the nodes.

Greatly appreciate the assistance,



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