read multiple spreadsheets from one excel file and edit data

Hi all,

I’m quit new to Knime, thank you for any help :slight_smile:

Please assume my following test data:

Test_Data_FY2022.xls (49 KB)

I have 5 different spreadsheets in that excel.
Is there a possibility to read all 5 (could also be more or less) spreadsheets at the same time?

So the first spreadsheet would be “TestData_A”

Furthermore I would need the data edited in the following way:

  • I only need the last row of each spreadsheet
  • and I need a new column e.g. “Bezeichnung”, and in that new column (with only the last row) should appear the name of the spreadsheet

So in the end of my workflow I would have (in that case) 5 different rows with the data (only the last row from each spreadsheet & the header) from the 5 spreadsheets and a new column e.g. “Bezeichnung” and the contant/value of that new column should be the name of the spreadsheet.

Thank you so much for any help

@Maya229 welcom eto the KNIME forum.

Maybe you take a look at these sample workflow:


Thank you @mlauber71

with a few adjustments it worked like I wanted:



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