Read multiple XLS files from a folder

I receive 206 *.xls  log files a day which are saved to a single folder They all have exactly the same data structure so processing is fairly simple. Is there a way to confgure a KNIME workflow to parse through all the files in the folder? I tried using the "List Files" module to write a CSV file but then could not find a way to get the "XLS Reader" module to reader the file locations from the CSV file. 


The "String Replacer" is to insert an additional column as a "save path" variable for "XLS Writer" module at the end of the workflow. It takes the source path from the "List Files" module and modifies it by changing the source folder to create a new path. I am sure that there must be a much more elegant way to create a path to write the files to. In future evolutions of this flow it will probably be removed.

Hi TigerCole

could you share the workflow as inspiration?

thx, Gernot