Read R-Model (k-prototype)

Hello! I used R extension in particular R Snippets to do clustering with kproto from the [clustMixType] packages. I saved some models using nodes R Learner and R Model Writer. These models are saved in .zip folders as when you save models when you do kmeans, for example. However when I use R Model Reader and try to get results in a table, I get this error:

Error: no applicable method for ‘pmml’ applied to an object of class “kproto”

I am interested in getting back the labeled clusters back to my data in knime. Any ideas or hints?

@andrebernal12 welcome to the KNIME forum. One way should be to store you model as a ZIP file like a model and read it back into the KNIME R node like in this example:


then it is always possible to store R objects in rds or rdata frames that you could re-use in other R nodes.

Maybe you could give a small example of what you want to do with dummy data so one could explore.


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