Read saved, not imported, workflow

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I think this must be a newbie question but…
Is it possible to import the saved workflow from the local workspace? Not an exported workflow.
This kind of file:

One of these nodes, for example, has this information:

If the answer to the question is affirmative… how would I do it?
I had this major problem today and had to redo (to a certain degree) everything I had.

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Usually all of those files are within a workflow folder. Why are these files on the same level as your knime application?

Could you also explain what difference there is between a saved vs exported workflow for reading purposes? I’m not sure I understand the question.

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Hi @victor_palacios , I think files and folders from @jorgemartcaam 's screenshot are from a workflow folder. I don’t think they’re on the same level as the Knime application, at least I can’t see any indication of it.

@jorgemartcaam , I checked your other thread, so if I understand correctly, you can’t export any workflow via Knime as your Knime is not working. I think you should be able to copy a workflow folder and paste it on another system where you have a working Knime application in the proper workspace and you should be able to open the workflow from Knime there. I’m guessing that’s what you are trying to do? You can always just try it to see if it works.


I think you can just try and import the workflow by choosing the folder („select root directory“) instead of the Knwf file


Thank you @victor_palacios, @bruno29a and @mlauber71 for your attention.
I followed @bruno29a suggestion and that is what I needed. Having the simple one that @bruno29a said I did not try @mlauber71 suggestion though.
If I knew this yesterday I would have avoided painstaking work.
Thank you! You saved me, for sure, lots of workflow reworks.
Best regards!

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