Read sdf file into Compound Reader node as a variable

Good afternoon to everyone. I am trying to use the "Compound Reader" node form Padel Descriptors within a workflow. At certain point, I need to read an sdf file into the Compound Reader node but, to the best of my knowledge, the is no flow variable corresponding to the "read file" functionallity. Has anyone faced a similar problem with other nodes?.  Is is possible to modify this node to add the read file form variable funtionality?

Thank you very much in advance for the support,

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From memory you can do this (because I have), but I no longer have Padel installed as is causes problems for the CDK converter. Maybe the option just isn't named very well?

I don't have this node, but this is a common problem you describe with other reader nodes.

simply load in any sdf file normally first. You will then find in the flow variables tab that the read file functionality appears. Setting the option in here immediately overwrites the previously selected sdf file. 



I'm facing the same problem, trying to feed the SDF Reader node via a Quickform File Upload node, so that I can choose the SD file on the WebPortal.

But I cannot find a variable in the SDF Reader node that corresponds to the (path to the) SD file. I tried to figure it out using Simon's suggestion, but even after laoding an SD file there is no such vriable what I can see...

I believe it's inside the url option, click on the plus to get to it.