Read sheduler configuration from from current job for discard job?

Hi, is there a way to get the current sheduler configuration for
“Discard job after…”
I want to take this settings also for the internal call worklfow service node.

The documentation [1] should have some information for you.
But, are you working with KNIME Server, or KNIME Business Hub?

If it’s KNIME Server, then maybe the Server Admin Guide [2].


Please let me know if that doesn’t help with what you’re looking for.

[2] KNIME Server Administration Guide

HI, thank you for your hints.
I am working with knime server.
I want to read the configuration from the sheduled “parent” job and put the configuration into a flow variable to set that configuration also in the call workflow.
So if the sheduled task is configured to save the workflow the call workflow node should be configured in the same way.

Hi @KarstenS
When you have scheduled a workflow, you will find a scheduledJobs.json file in the .metainfo folder within the workflow in your workflow repository. You might mind though the authtoken encryption, so I’m not sure you can take all settings and copy/transfer them to other workflows.
Did that help? :slight_smile: