Reading a file from a nextcloud folder

Dear All,
is there a possibility to read a file directly from a nextcloud folder.
When I added an URL similar as this:
in the excel reader node, I am prompted to add my login and user data.
But then a message is returned that the file does not exist.
However, when I just enter the same path into the window file explore the file is opened.
Can I use the excel reader directly or do I need additional nodes?
Has anyone experience with nextcloud and knime?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @sscholz,

did you once use the http(s) Connector Node to connect to NextCloud and then the Excel Reader Node to select and read the file? This way has helped me with some other web services that required authorized access.

Best regards

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Hi Andrew,
I tried both, but I thought it should be sufficient if I only use the excel reader, because I am asked to enter my login and pathwords. But in both cases I get messages that the existing files do not exist.
When using the connector node, I added a file system connection port to the excel reader and then there was only the option HTTP to read in. I added the following path:

When using the excel reader without the connector, I used the Custom KNIME URL option to read the path.
I also tried connection of HTTP connector to excel reader via flow variables (although I think this does not make sense), but this also failed. Perhaps there is a specific issue with the next cloud service?
Kind regards

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