Reading a file with a workflow on the server


when I try to read a file on the server e.g. XML or CSV File, it works as long as the workflow is executed locally. When I try to execute the workflow on the server however, I get the error Connection refused Connection refused.

Would appreciate some help.



Are you seeing any other errors besides connection refused in the console when trying to execute the workflow on the server? Would you also mind sending us the server logs, and let us know a timestamp for when the issue occurred so that we can match that up to the error on the server?

Is this occurring for any other workflows you are running on the server, or just ones with the read file from XML/CSV file?

What is the path you are using for the node on the server? Mountpoint? Custom URL? and what does the path look like that is entered?


Hey Zack,

I tried to use the mountpoint relative links and the link automatically created when drag’n’dropping the file to the server.

There are messages for workflow "rest_api 2020-06-10 09.52.29"
      XML Reader 2:28 - ERROR: Execute failed: Resource associated with "knime://xxx-knime-server/xxx/xxx.xml" does not exist
      File Reader 2:30 - WARNING: Can't access 'knime://xxx-knime-server/xxx/xxx.csv'. (Resource associated with "knime://xxx-knime-server/xxx/xxx.csv" does not exist)
      File Reader 2:29 - WARNING: Can't access 'knime://knime.mountpoint/xxx/xxx.csv'. (Connection refused (Connection refused))

Can I PM you the server log?


I just checked, writing doesn’t work either

There are messages for workflow "rest_api 2020-06-10 12.20.13"
  CSV Writer 7:1 - ERROR: Execute failed: Resource associated with "knime://xxx-knime-server/xxx/xxx.csv" does not exist


Sure you can PM me the server logs. Also, which version of server are you running? if 4.1.x or above, please try the following to resolve the issue.

Can you please edit the following files:


In this file, please update all of the lines to have the correct mountpoint xxx-knime-server or whatever you have as your mountpoint.

They should all look like this:


Then in the executor folder under the config folder, please edit the knime.ini file to include the following:

add these four lines above the -vmargs in that file, and change the location to be http://<ip address of your knime server, or externally accessible hostname>:8080/knime/rest/v4/profiles/contents

Location http://knime-server:8080/knime/rest/v4/profiles/contents

Then finally, edit the knime-server.config file in the workflow_repository\config\ location, and make sure that the line


Has the mountpoint listed correctly.

After changing all of these files, please restart the knime server (restart the knime service, or run the and then in the tomee folder) as well as the executor service.

Once this is done, please try re-publishing using the mountpoint and you should be able to run the xml/csv reader node with no errors.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above information.