Reading a list of .shp files


I’m trying to read a list of files with .shp (shapefile) format. I use to use this flow to read .csv, but with .shp doesn’t work.

I tryied to change de file reader for a “shapefile reader” node, I’m using the one in this colection of nodes:

I also tryied to change de parameters on flow variables in the “shapefile reader” like this, but it doesn’t work neither:


Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @jpages,

Thank you for being active in our forum and also for using extensions around geospatial analysis.
In general, there are two larger community extensions around geospatial processing available. The Spatial Processing Nodes and the Geospatial Node Repository.
However, both community extensions are not updated so far to provide the new file handling of reader and writer nodes we have introduced last winter (labs) and this summer (out of labs).
Are you able to share some more details about what kind of files you need to read in as lists? Would it be sufficient to read them inside a loop?

Best regards,

Hello, thanks for the fast response.

So I need to read a bunch of shapefiles (.shp) stored in a folder. The read is not a problem as i’m using a shapfile reader node. The problem becomes when I try to read this shpaefiles as a loop, that answers your 2nd question.

Can you explain what problem you actually face, while running the reader node inside the loop?
I created a small example with some random administrative boundary shapefiles and this runs smoothly.
But like always, it slightly depends on what you want to do, after you read each shapefile separately. Can you describe that step?
read-multiple-shp-files-in-loop.knwf (25.7 KB)
Within the workflow, you basically specify an absolute path inside the <list files/folders> node and then you proceed to the loop.

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Hello @jpages

I just wanted to check on your situation and whether you were able to make your process work.
If not, I would be happy to get more detail on the situation you are facing.

Best regards,

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