Reading a .xlsm-file with KNIME 3.3.1

Dear Community,


I have got an issue after updating KNIME to 3.3.1.

I want to read a specific sheet in an Excel file. Because of the operationen within the Excel file, I have got the some macros in there, so I need to handle the file as a .xlsm-file.

I have already tried the XLS-Reader, but it shows me, that the file could not be loaded.

Is there any way to read such a file?


Thank you in advance!


Hi Mariteemo,

Can you please provide the file you are trying to read? I just tried, and the Excel Reader node can read xlsm files as well. This means that the problem could be due to some specific configuration in your file.

If your file contains confidential information and you don't want to post in on the forum, you can also send it to



Hi Roland,


I have solved my issue. I convert the .xlsm-file to a .xlsx-file. After resuming the process, I convert it back, so I have got no problem to open the data either ways.

Anyway, thank you for your help!