Reading Amazon S3 CSV Files in KNIME

Hi All,

I am using KNIME to download data from an API which generates the link to the S3 bucket in a csv form.  When I use the GET request node and insert the S3 link, the response gets converted into a "blob" format which I don't have a way of converting to CSV.  Would like any advice on how to handle S3 links in KNIME.





Dear Malhar,

first of all I wish you a happy new year and want to apologize for the late response. 

If I understand your problem correctly, you have a CSV file stored in Amazon S3.

One easy way to approach this is to provide the S3 link directly to the CSV Reader or File Reader node, so you do not need the REST nodes.

Alternatively, we also have nodes for working with S3 directly. If you log into the EXAMPLES server in KNIME you can open this workflow:


When you open this workflow and don't have the S3 nodes installed yet you will be prompted for it. This workflow shows some of the interactions that are possible between KNIME and S3.