Reading an Excel file with Multiple Tabs

I have an Excel file I want to read that has several tabs. I want to take that Excel file and create different CSV files for each of the tabs. Do I need to use multiple Excel Reader nodes or can one node do that? Or should I put it all in a container. I am trying to get it where I am only executing it once if that is possible.

Hi @kmarrs901 , take a look at this workflow

(Ignore the mention of “XML” in the description. I think that is a typo)

You can use the sheet name to use for the csv output file name inside the loop (probably using String Manipulation (variable) and String to Path nodes to create the csv file name as a path variable and then attach Csv Writer inside the loop.

Hope that points you in the right direction.


@kmarrs901 you could also take a look at this example:

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