Reading and combining multiple CSV files with varying number of columns and rows

Hi All,
I am trying to import multiple CSV files and try to combine them into one table. I was trying to use loop nodes to perform this task but got an error. I think it is probably something simple but I do not know how to solve it. Does anyone have a clue and point me in the right direction? I also created and uploaded some dummy files and workflow to represent the files I am dealing with. Thank you for your support.

Import multiple files with varying columns and rows Temp.knwf (102.8 KB)

File 4.csv (139 Bytes)
File 2.csv (126 Bytes)
File 1.csv (125 Bytes)
File 3.csv (213 Bytes)

Check the loop end settings and allow changing table specs there


Ahh, It is that simple :sweat_smile:. Thanks a lot @Daniel_Weikert.

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