Reading CSV Files

Hi Knimers

Here is my simple taskS and my workflow is attached.

I've downloaded 2 files from the sources below:

Task #1:

Using FILE READER: I've got several errors on texts formats like below:


Task #2:

 Using JOINER: The final file has more rows then my original left table has

Any help?

By the can I read the files direct from the website, without download to my notebook.


Hi Fabio,

there was no data in the workflow. 

About task 1: You might need to change the encoding of the file, you can do this in Advanced Dialog

Tast 2: The joiner combines all matches. Hence if you have 3 A in table 1 and 2 A in table 2, the output will be 6 rows.

You can just copy and paste the links into the file reader, it will than read from the github link.

Cheers, Iris 

Tks Iris! Worked well using UTF-8.