Reading data from Different CSv files and converting into excel format

Hi All,

I have situation where I have to convert all CSV in folder into excel files but data should be concatenated into one excel sheet. I want each individual converted into individual excel files.
let say for example I have 10 CSV files in Folder A. I want all these 10 files into 10 respective excel files. can you some please help me on this?


I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking for.

First you say you want to concatenate all the data into one Excel worksheet.
But in your example you say you want multiple Excel files.

Which is it?

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Regarding your question, I agree with @elsamuel , it’s not clear what you want to do. You mentioned concatenating all in 1 sheet, but then you mentioned having them in individual excel files. Can you please clarify?

Sorry for getting you confused. My Bad Not string in not printed in my sentences. I do not want all CSV files get concatenated into one singleexcel file. I want csv files are converted into excel files one file after another

ABC.Csv ---- ABC.xlsx
DEF.CSV — DEF.xlsx

Unless I’m missing something, the translation seems unneccesary. Excel will open csv files.

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Attached is a workflow that will do this. Whilst as @rfeigel says, Excel can open csv files, I am assuming you require them in XLSX format for some other purpose.

This workflow simply writes out an xlsx file into the same folder as the csv file that has been read in.
Read and Write CSV to XLSX.knwf (20.3 KB)

[Edit, my original upload was using a relative data folder as the file location, but this won’t work here and adds confusion, so I’ve modified it to assume files are in c:\temp folder. You will need to modify the List Files/Folder node to point at required source files]

Read and Write CSV to XLSX.knwf (19.8 KB)


The confusing part about situations like this is that you need to “close the loop” in order for a loop to work, but you don’t actually want the loop to close before you perform a final function. The trick that @takbb used of just attaching a variable loop end behind you writer node is a super useful one that opened up a lot of possibilities for me.


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