Reading data from Tableau

Hi all,



I was wondering if there is any way to read data tables from Tableau, rather than sending data to Tableau.


Is this functionality possible?

Hello hgwelec,

I believe that Tableau offers different ways to export data into different formats (eg, .csv, .xml,..). Once you have extracted the data with one of those formats, you can use the dedicated node into KNIME (eg file reader, xml reader, ..) to read the data. If you are using Tableau Server you can use the Get Request node to get the data using RESTful Webservices.

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Hi everyone,

I am also having same issue to read the data using Knime. In order to read from REST services, could you provide an example?

Hi @ngumpena -

Have you checked out the Tableau REST API documentation? Specifically, I found this, which retrieves data in CSV format from a Tableau data view: