reading differing tables in loop


I want to export a number of different database tables to CSV files.

I am trying to loop over the database tables (with a Database Table Selector and a Database Connection Table Reader in a loop) and write each table to a different CSV file, but the Loop End complains and stops with the message "Execute failed: Input table's structure differs from reference (first iteration) table: different column counts 133 vs. 212".

How can I either ignore this warning so the loop continues anyhow, or use another method to read all the tables?

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Without looking at the data, the end-loop node is probably right, your tables will most likely have different type of data in them.

But then, you are probably not interested in the content of the tables outside of the loop, correct ?

The trick is to generate some uniform data, and feed that to the end-loop.

You can do that by running statistics on the chunks, or just create a dummy table with the table creator. (you can even connect the writer and tablecreator with a variable).

The statistics (e.g. table name, number of records) option even gives you a nice overview at the end.