Reading excel cells with formula to Knime

Hi All,

How are you doing? I just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to manipulate the excel, csv or file reader to read the excel file that has formula in it. When I tried doing so, it cannot read the cell as values only. It happens to read as #XL_EVAL_ERROR# which is the default, if knime can't read the cells. 

Hope you can back at me with this.



Hi Jessika,

Can you please post a sample of the excel file you are trying to read? I just tried to read a simple file containing a formula with the Excel Reader (XLS) node. The file was read and the formula was evaluated correctly.



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Hi Jessica, all,

I ran into the same issue. In my case, the problem arises due to an averaging formula =Average.IF(B4:B99, "IDENTIFIER",E4:E99). I worked around it by replacing this formula (which luckily only occurs once in every sheet) by the numerical value. I do not observe any issues when using 'simple' formulas...

Hope this comment helps in improving knime.

best, Bernd


I am facing same issue. did u find solution

@sachinsearch could you post an example where the import is failing? You could opt to evaluate or not evaluate Excel formulas while importing the file